Event Information

 For those of you who have never experienced this amazing event…

Our event will be held at the T Bar T Carver Ranch, just north of Johnsondale, California. A tranquil setting that will allow your mind to wander. This prime location is what Women in the Outdoors is all about! Close by, you can find the mighty Kern River, groves of Giants, trickling creeks, and your fill of hiking trails. No adventure to big!

You start Friday night with games and group activities!! But Saturday is where the real fun begins! The whole day is filled starting with breakfast (and coffee..let’s not leave out the coffee!).  Next, it’s off to your first class (you wish it wouldn’t end) followed by an amazing lunch & more games.  Then you head on over to your second class (super pumped about what you’ve learned). As your class is coming to a close, you start to smell the mouth watering aroma of your dinner being BBQ’d to perfection.  After dinner, (you have now really grown quite used to the place) you relax a little more..let the worries of “real life” fall off while you enjoy good music, dancing and..more games!! You start to realize..THIS IS AN AMAZING EVENT..(and quite frankly you ask yourself..”why have I never been before now?”) There are great prizes to be had at this event..Hand guns, Shotguns, Rifles, and Bows..Oh My!  You go to bed grateful you still have tomorrow.  Sunday you awake to another great breakfast, followed by your third class. (you are already planning what classes you want to take next year!) After the class, you are served your farewell lunch.  (You are really going to miss this place and treasure all of the memories made here) As you eat, you are reflecting on all that you have learned, the confidence you now have and the impact that taking these classes has made on your life and you are….BLOWN AWAY!

So now that you know (only in part, as it’s never complete knowledge until you’ve experienced it for yourselves)…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? (other than registration to open up!)